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"We help tell your story" is more than just our tagline.

It's our passion.

Meet the Creative Sidekicks

When you need someone to have your back, you don’t want a newbie! You want someone who’s been there, done that and puts their considerable experience to work for you…right off the bat, every time.

We know where you are because we’ve been there! And that’s what makes Creative Sidekicks so great. We have long and and varied careers  in large corporate and small business settings. If we don’t know it, we know how to get it done. And because our sources are vetted, you can count on them to do what they promise.


Mary Plumstead

Growing up, Mary was always pushing the limits, and she’s never stopped! From Wall Street to Main Street, her experience ranges from the Fortune 100 C-Suite to creating a bloomingly gorgeous line of luxury products.

A pioneer of online marketing, Mary’s roots run deep in person-to-person interaction. Rolling out a new project? Have to make a powerful presentation? Might have to communicate some bad news and not quite sure how to do it? Mary’s your girl.

“I take a bird’s eye view and the I head down into the ‘weeds’ and tinker a bit to make sure the ideas and plans are realistic and effective. Problem solving is what I love best! Let’s set the goal and then let me at it.”

Of course, Mary doesn’t work alone. Her trusty canine companions Keno and Emmy are usually right by her side. Hey, even a Sidekick has to have Sidekicks. Right?

Some of Mary’s special Sidekick Skills include:

  • Powerful Presentations
  • Winning Word Press sites
  • Social Media Savvy
  • Prototyping
  • Troubleshooting just about anything

Kyle Young

While young Mary was coloring outside the lines, Kyle was on her back porch stage performing magic. Yes, literally. Her ‘let’s put on a show’ attitude (inherited directly from her mother Fran) has stood her in good stead throughout her career.

“I started my own boutique ad agency at 25, mostly because no one told me I couldn’t. I sincerely believe that ANYTHING is possible, and that we each have our own unique story to tell.”

That outlook shines through Kyle’s creative work with her clients. She listens. Really listens. And then, ideas start flashing. Her ‘words and pictures’ approach has helped launch or jumpstart literally hundreds of businesses – and their owners.

Her heart’s desire remains the acquisition of a ‘real’ Magic Wand that will transport her anywhere, at any time. For now, she settles on working wherever her laptop will travel.

Some of Kyle’s Sidekick Specialties include:

  • Award-winning Idea Generation
  • Compelling Copy
  • Marketing Game Plans
  • Making Connections
  • Artistic Input